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       Nisala Arana USA was founded in 2013 by Chief Incumbent, Most Venerable Gintota Wimala Thero.  Nisala Arana translates to “Quiet Sanctuary.” A fitting name for a monastery where a person lives a  religious life in solitude.


       Nisala Arana USA received many blessings. Most Venerable Dodampahala Chandrasiri Mahanayake Maha Thero, Sri Kalyaniwansa Sect, President of Amarapura Maha Sangha Sabha, Chief Incumbent of Gotama Tapowanaya, Sri-Lanka.

       Most Venerable Henepola Gunarathana Thero, Maha Sanghanayake of North America and Chief Incumbent of West Virginia Bhavana Society. All contributed a tremendous amount to the creation of Nisala Arana USA.

       Most Venerable Gintota Wimala Thero has experience of establishing Buddhist institutions around the world for practicing pure Buddhist teachings. After traveling around the globe and guiding monks and devotees to practice Buddhist meditation, Most Venerable Gintota Wimala Thero sought a peaceful, quiet place to practice Vipassana meditation. Thereafter, Nisala Arana USA was founded.  Wimala Thero designed the monastery and surroundings to create a tranquil environment.

       We practice Vipassana meditation daily with devotees. Nisala Arana has one-hour sessions both in the morning and evening daily. After the evening puja, devotees are presented the opportunity to participate in a Question and Answer session conducted by Wimala Thero. Those who wish to learn more about Buddhist teachings or learn of practices to better themselves attend these events. On the first Sunday of each month, Nisala Arana USA hosts a full-day program to celebrate the Full Moon. With multiple meditation and Dharma talks as well as breakfast and lunch Buddha Puja.

Our mission is for everyone to complete the Noble Eight-Fold path comfortably.

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